Crisis in Cosmetics: Surviving the Endless Bans of Ingredients

Speaker: Robert Ross-Fichtner, President & CEO, Focal Point Research

Monday, June 22 4:45–5:05pm

There was a time when cosmetic scientists were entrusted with developing safe ingredients for topical products. Today, that responsibility is shared with federal governments, local governments and all manners of NGOs. The advent of social media has made even the layperson an opinionated expert on the safety of cosmetics and their ingredients. As a result, even an ingredient allowed by regulators can fall prey to public execution.

This begs the question: How does the cosmetics formulator of 2015 cope in this constantly changing environment, where what was safe yesterday is banned, restricted or condemned tomorrow? How do we find a path to a global formula where there is little harmonization in the regulations? And perhaps most importantly, how do we as an industry deal with the endless assault of junk science?

This presentation will cover selected topics of ingredient bans, formulation strategies to cope with them, and what we as an industry must do to protect our science, maintain access to critical ingredients, and finally, sustain and grow the confidence of our consumers.

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