Reactivating Sunscreens via Azobenzene Compounds

Speaker: Jin-ye Wang, PhD, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Team Leader of Biomaterials Lab, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Thursday, June 26 1:45–2:30pm

A novel technology that enables the development of reactivating sunscreens will be discussed, specifically whether azobenzene compounds are attached to a cholesterol group. By exposing the material's surface to a source of UV light, trans-azobenzene is converted to a cis-azobenzene. Then, by allowing the cis-azobenzene to return to the trans state, it forms reactivated trans-azobenzene that can be reactivated or regenerated.

The cholesterol group helps to incorporate azobenzene compounds into liposomal membranes more easily. Also, when encapsulating active substances such as ascorbic acid, the liposomes can be used as photo-controlled drug delivery systems.

Details to be discussed include the physico-chemical properties and biocompatibility of the technology, UV absorption spectra, photo-isomerization, stability, cytotoxicity, phototoxicity and skin permeation.

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