Conference Schedule for Day 1

Monday, June 22


Track: Joint Session

KEYNOTE: Asymmetrical Thinking for Cosmetic Science

Speaker: Jeffrey Baxter , Musician/Founding Member of Steely Dan; National Security Expert, U.S. Department of Defense


Track: Hair Science

Rethinking Hair Shaping and Control

Speaker: Peter A. Landa, Director for Personal Care Claims and Measurement Science, Textile Research Institute (TRI) Princeton

Track: Skin/Sun Science

Should Sunscreens Protect Across the Entire Solar Spectrum?

Speaker: Jürgen Lademann, PhD, Professor of Dermatology, Charité—Universitätsmedizin Berlin


Track: Skin/Sun Science

The Material Science of Multifunctional Cosmetics

Speaker: Prithwiraj Maitra, PhD, Associate Director, Fellow and Global Sun Care Innovation Platform Leader, Johnson & Johnson

Track: Hair Science

Visualizing the Dynamics of Hair Movement

Speaker: Norman I. Badler, PhD, Rachleff Professor of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania


Track: Skin/Sun Science

BASF Sponsor Spotlight: Innovative and Effective Solutions to Address Skin Deglycation and Innervation

Speaker: Manasi Chavan, PhD, Manager, Technical Service Team Personal Care, North America, BASF


Track: Skin/Sun Science

Cosmetic Physiology: How Manageable are the Consequences?

Speaker: Steve Barton, Director, Skin Thinking

Track: Hair Science

New Approaches to Hair Cleansing

Speaker: Carmen Castillo Bucci, Assistant Vice President of Research and Innovation, Ethnic Hair Care, L'Oréal


Track: Joint Session

Translating Sensation to (and from) Personal Care

Speaker: John Hayes, PhD, Professor, Sensory Science, and Director, Sensory Evaluation Center, Pennsylvania State University


Track: Joint Session

Environmentally Benign Nanoparticles for Improved Product Preservation

Speaker: Alexander Richter, PhD Candidate, Velev Group, Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, North Carolina State University


Track: Joint Session

Coptis Sponsor Spotlight: Key features to Speed Formula Development and Ensure Market Requirement With Performance Software Solutions

Speakers: Anne Karagoz, Founder and President, Coptis
Marie Thadal, Business Development- Americas, Coptis


Track: Joint Session

Packaging as an Extension of Formulation

Speaker: Mark White, Senior Packaging Engineer, Amway Corp.


Track: Joint Session

Customization and Hybrid Products—The Changing Face of Beauty

Speaker: Sarah Jindal, Senior Innovation and Insights Analyst–Beauty & Personal Care, Mintel

All exhibitors, sessions, presenters, times and locations are subject to change without notice.